Trading Cards

Promote your players individually with player trading cards! Individually packaged, these sets make great giveaway pieces for both kids and adults.


Full color, both sides, 12pt. card stock, individually packaged

Qty. Sets

18 Players

24 Players

30 Players

36 Players

250 $2.05/set $3.83/set $3.95/set $4.02/set
500 $1.30/set $2.25/set $2.47/set $2.53/set
1,000 $0.93/set $1.49/set $1.72/set $1.79/set
1,500 $0.86/set $1.25/set $1.46/set $1.64/set
2,000 $0.78/set $1.13/set $1.33/set $1.48/set
2,500 $0.70/set $1.04/set $1.26/set $1.32/set
5,000 $0.57/set $0.83/set $0.99/set $1.06/set
10,000 $0.53/set $0.75/set $0.91/set $0.98/set
15,000 $0.50/set $0.70/set $0.86/set $0.93/set


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